Saturday, June 7, 2008

The King of Magic

The master magician of the globe, The legend of magic Prof. Chudasama the unic meeting of five generations, We are the oldest Magician in India, We perform magic showes worldwide sins 1863. My great grndppa Rajaji Chudasama (born in 1842)was founder of magicshows in Gujrat region & my grandppa who had achived art of magic from his chaildhood, my grandppa Hamirji Rajaji Chudasama who was born in 01/08/1900, who left the house age of fifteen in 1915 with hitorical magician Mohmmad Chel and he had got many gold medals from the Kings,He had taken his alder son Bhailubha for not to forgate the valuable gift of art of magic. He also tryed to teach him the art of magic from the chaildhood My father Bhailubha Chudasama was born in 01/01/1947. He was started the first stage show was perfomed in a very young age with his father at Bagdana in Gujrat. Economic condition was not good so tryed hard for his social diction towords the society got the goldmedal from Vaghniya State. By showing art of magic in Gujrat & India. He perfomed magic art, brotherhood is the message of our father. He is firm in principle even today. He also awarded with many goldmedals. I born on 1st June, 1983 in the magic tent in Dhoraji city. I'm younger then my three brothers. i'm deeply intrested in art of magic from chaildhood. My first stage perfomence in Jetpur as the age of 18. I'v given a western look to the art of magic and change the way of magic. I showed splendid experiments of "BodyLoad" and "Dove prodction" first time in India on the stage and got the price of spectators and other magician and also awarded Indias youngest and fastest magicianI'v great liking for environment. I wants India free from certain superstitions and free from addiction like my grand father and my father ."Believe it or not " We have won 65 gold medals.We have won 650 awards for social work.Our charity shows income is morfe thgan 15 crores.We have done more than 42000 stage show of magic.We are growing more than 1 lackhs trees in all over India.

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Mohammadi said...

Lalu Chudasama has the legacy of skills from his great Magician family. Lalu and I studied togather till 10th Std. I am proud of him. May God give more success.